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Bismillahi rahmannirahim
Assalamu ' alaikum Wr, Wb

Dear All,

All Praise be to Allah, and prayers and greetings to our prophet Muhammad, family, friends, the people who follow the Sunnah until the Day of Resurrection.

Magic, magic, witchcraft, and the like are daily commodities majority of Indonesia' s population. Although Islam is strongly opposed to such practices as shirk, socio-historical conditions still induced animism personal past, which makes them familiar with it. " We seek refuge in Allah from such deeds "

The problem is many of these people do not understand the treatment procedure in accordance with Shariah, rather than avoiding shirk instead mostly fall into the trap of idolatry.

Actually al-qur ' an already provide a powerful prevention. " Is not he a guide and antidote to the believers? " ( See Surah Al-Isra Verse 82, Surat Fusilat verse 44) .

And Rasullulah has taught us, in the form of a prayer of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah called Ruqyah.

Ruqyah mean readings for treatment in accordance with the Shari' a is based on history or valid in accordance with the provisions of the scholars agreed mujtahid.

Cause exposed to magic, Witchcraft, and so is basically the practice of using a genie and this happens when a person has an agreement with a genie, as described in the Qur' an: Surat al Jin verse 6, then they have recourse to jinn to give benefit or harm someone, that' s when Jin can enter and start the operation.

But there are times when the Jin intrude into a person' s body or on their own for various reasons. of which:
- Because pain scalded
- Because he' s in love with humans
- Because he kicks
- The desire of revenge, because of certain events.

But the genie can not be taken possession of a person is when he melaksananakan obey the law of Allah and always draw closer to Him.

There are some conditions where Jin is very easy to get into a person' s body is at once angry, fearful, always eager shawat ( vice) and negligent or excessive stress.

Common characteristics Jin disorders:

Jin disturbing that people experience a variety of nerve blockage.
Sectoral disturbances which holds jin ( annoying) one member of the body such as the arms, legs or tongue.
Prolonged disruption continues to be the genie in the body for a long time.
Disturbance moment is no more than a few moments just like a nightmare.
Disorders of magic ( witchcraft, black magic, pellets, etc.)
Mental disorders ( stress, crazy, psycho, phobias, guy, lesbian, transgender, fedophilia, etc.)
Disturbances in homes, offices, buildings, public facilities, etc.

So little knowledge of ruqyah in order to avoid shirk to Allah by visiting the " smart guy " , Shamans and the like to avoid disaster worldly and hereafter.
then invited the Muslims to re-apply the pure Islamic law and the Koran is the perfect practice and re-run the Islamic Ruqyah the treatment of a variety of problems and diseases.

Abu Albani Centre experienced since 2004, in helping fellow humans from evil jinn who interfere and help those who are stuck in superstition, bid ' ah and khurofat.

= Ruqyah Abu Albani =
The program is open to anyone Ruqyah both Muslims and non-Muslims, especially for Personal, Home, and occupied the building in which the work to clean up the jinn disturbance, witchcraft, magic, witchcraft, and the like.

We are ready to provide Information, Knowledge and Process Ruqyah accordance with existing mechanisms are based on Islamic law.

Call: Secretariat ( 021) 2948 5951
BB Pin 26C84B1B

Clinic address:
Jl. Pendidikan Raya Rt.012 Rw.002 29
Tel 021 29485951
Kel. Duren Sawit, district. Duren Sawit
( 20M Mortgage office complex on East Jakarta Teachers' Training College)

Jln. NN no 110. Kel Bintara Jaya
Kec. Bekasi Barat
( closed with Sumber Arta Market-Kalimalang)
Tel 02191262011
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